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Tiny-LPF QRP low-pass filter kit

Tiny-LPF QRP low-pass filter kit


  • 7-pole Chebyshev low-pass filter for harmonic suppression 
  • No coils to wind, all inductors supplied 
  • Tiny breadboard-friendly PCB, only 17mm x 14mm 
  • QRP power handling, we suggest <500mW 
  • Surface-mount construction for experienced solderers 

This kit once assembled gives you a filter suitable for the output of a low-power amateur radio transmitter to achieve appropriate suppression of unwanted harmonics for legal usage.

The Tiny-LPF uses a 7-pole Chebyshev filter circuit, and is supplied with a set of filter components for the amateur radio band of your choice.

The Tiny-LPF uses surface-mount components, so this kit is not recommended for a novice solderer. We supply an extra one of each surface-mount chip capacitor and inductor to cover any you might lose during construction.