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Wideband transformer breakout board kit

Wideband transformer breakout board kit


  • Dual small-signal RF transformer
  • 100MHz bandwidth
  • Surface-mount construction

This kit provides a mounting and breakout for a surface mount dual Fast Ethernet line transformer, allowing these components to be easily used as small-signal wideband transformers by radio amateurs and RF constructors.

Fast Ethernet line transformers are small 1:1 centre-tapped toroidal transformers with a bandwidth of up to 100MHz. They also incorporate a common-mode rejection transformer which means they are suitable for differential-mode circuits. They provide an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to self-wound wideband toroidal small-signal transformers in a host of RF construction projects. Typical applications might be found in receivers, mixers, and balanced modulators.

The transformer is a surface-mount component, so this kit is not recommended for a novice solderer. It is however not a device that is too small to work with and there is adequate space on the board, so this kit would be suitable for an experienced through-hole solderer who wishes to try a surface-mount kit.