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Pi-HF direct conversion radio receiver kit for the Raspberry Pi

Pi-HF direct conversion radio receiver kit for the Raspberry Pi


  • Direct conversion receiver
  • 100MHz longwave to VHF bandwidth
  • Tested with all Raspberry Pi models including the Pi 3 and Pi Zero
  • Surface mount construction for experienced solderers

This kit forms a simple yet effective radio receiver add-on for the Raspberry Pi for receiving amateur radio and other transmissions. It covers all the HF(shortwave) amateur and broadcast bands, as well as the medium wave (AM) and long wave broadcast bands. It is capable of receiving SSB and CW(Morse) transmissions, as well as AM broadcast stations with some reduction in quality. The Pi-HF is primarily for frequencies between 130kHz and 30MHz, however it has a bandwidth over 100MHz and so will also perform at higher frequencies including the 50MHz(6m) and 70MHz(4m) amateur bands with reduced performance. It is not a software-defined radio, instead it is a traditional direct conversion radio receiver with software control.

The Pi-HF uses many surface-mount components, so this kit is not recommended for a novice solderer. Care has been taken to use surface mount devices that are not too small to work with and to place them with adequate space on the board, so this kit would be suitable for an experienced through-hole solderer who wishes to try a surface-mount kit. We supply an extra one of each surface-mount chip resistor and capacitor to cover losses during construction.

All you will need to add to the kit once you've built it is a Raspberry Pi with appropriate software (we recommend PiVFO), an antenna, and a set of headphones to listen to the result.

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