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RF breakout kit for the Raspberry Pi

RF breakout kit for the Raspberry Pi


  • Build RF circuits for your Raspberry Pi
  • 250MHz maximum frequency
  • Tested with all Raspberry Pi models including the Pi 3 and Pi Zero
  • Easy through-hole soldering

This kit provides a breakout board to use the Raspberry Pi clock generator as an RF source or simple amateur radio transmitter.

The Raspberry Pi has a built-in clock generator, a powerful frequency synthesiser which can generate frequencies up to 250MHz. This is enough to provide a useful RF signal source for experimentation, or given suitable filtering and antennas to allow the Pi to be used as a low-power amateur radio transmitter.

On the board you'll find the clock generator and some of the the SPI/GPIO lines brought out to headers, with a BNC socket for RF output and a small prototyping space with three ground rails. A DC blocking capacitor is supplied allowing the construction of a basic square wave source, while the prototyping area may be used for the construction of low pass filters, transmitter control logic, or other circuitry.

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