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Pi-LPF low-pass filter kit for the Raspberry Pi

Pi-LPF low-pass filter kit for the Raspberry Pi


  • Turns your Pi into a QRP amateur radio transmitter  
  • 7-pole Chebyshev low-pass filter for harmonic suppression 
  • No coils to wind, all inductors supplied 
  • Surface-mount construction for experienced solderers 
  • Tested with all Raspberry Pi models including the Pi 3 and Pi Zero 

This kit allows you to use the Raspberry Pi clock generator as a simple low-power transmitter for licenced radio amateurs, with appropriate suppression of unwanted harmonics for legal usage. The Pi-LPF uses a 7-pole Chebyshev filter circuit, and is supplied with a set of filter components for the amateur radio band of your choice.

The Pi-LPF uses surface-mount components, so this kit is not recommended for a novice solderer. Care has been taken to use surface mount devices that are not too small to work with and to place them with adequate space on the board, so this kit would be suitable for an experienced through-hole solderer who wishes to try a surface-mount kit. We supply an extra one of each surface-mount chip capacitor and inductor to cover any you might lose during construction.

All you will need to add to the kit once you've built it is a Raspberry Pi with appropriate transmission software - we've compiled a handy list - , and an antenna.

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